House Floor Speeches

House Floor Speeches

Each week in Washington, D.C., I have taken 30 minutes on the House floor to discuss a series of important topics including healthcare technology, economic growth, labor force participation, employment incentives, climate technology, and more. To watch past floor speeches, see below:


Rep. Schweikert Floor Speech on Telemedicine Use During COVID-19 Pandemic and Healthcare Technology Advancements - September 15, 2020

Rep. Schweikert Discusses February Jobs Report and Economic Success - March 11, 2020

Rep. Schweikert discusses the Impact of the Technology Revolutions Coming to Market - March 4, 2020

Recent Technology Distruptions in Healthcare and Energy February 13, 2020

Explaining the January 2020 Jobs Report February 7, 2020

What is Driving Our Debt and Deficit

New Healthcare Technology Coming to Market

Our Growth Two Years After Tax Reform

2019 House Floor Speeches