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Congress has no greater responsibility than providing for America’s national defense. Whether it is the growing asymmetrical threat from radical Islamic terrorism, an emboldened Russia, or a potentially nuclear Iran, America faces dynamic and evolving threats and must have the military capabilities to respond to these threats.

I am proud that Arizona is a leader in the military and defense community. Arizona’s service members and National Guard members have routinely distinguished themselves and served bravely in Iraq, Afghanistan, and anywhere else they are called to serve. Nearly all service branches are represented in Arizona. Luke Air Force Base and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base are two of the nation’s premier military installations in the country, hosting the next generation F-35s and the dependable A-10s, respectively. Fort Huachuca is home to the Army’s Intelligence Center and leader in the field of cyber and network security. Moreover, Yuma hosts both Marine Corps Air Station and the Army’s Yuma Proving Grounds. Finally, the Naval Observatory in Flagstaff observes and catalogues our celestial sky.

As your representative in Washington, I have worked to ensure our service members are properly trained and equipped to effectively execute and accomplish any mission we call on them to carry out. I have voted to pass pay raises for military families, to ensure while they are working to protect the security of our country, they can support themselves and their families financially.

I also believe there is no greater power that Congress has than the ability to declare war. The power to declare war rests exclusively with Congress, not the Executive branch. I am a firm believer that we must obey our Constitutional duty when deciding to send our servicemen and women to battle, and Congress must vote to do so. I have voted in favor of War Powers resolutions that cut off U.S. support for the Saudi-led coalition currently engaged in Yemen, and have also voted in favor of similar amendments regarding military engagements around the world. I am proud that I have been consistent in this Constitutional duty when voting.

I thank all of our service members, both active and retired, for their tireless effort to protect our country. While serving as your Representative I will always support our Sailors, Soldiers, Marines and Airmen, and their families.

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