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Highlighting Our 2024 Congressional Art Competition’s Winners

Each year, I am absolutely blown away by the amount of talent displayed in our Arizona community. I am thrilled to announce this year’s winners of the Congressional Art Competition, proudly representing Arizona’s First Congressional District.

Below the slideshow encompassing every submission received this year, you will find the artwork created by this year’s winners with the name of the artist and title of their piece. Thank you to everyone who worked incredibly hard to create a piece of art and I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing and analyzing each submission!

Please refer to the video above to review all of this year’s submissions.

First Place:

Sophia Lin – “Blossom of Becoming” – BASIS Scottsdale

Second Place:

Aiden Kai – “Dark Horse” – Chaparral High School

Third Place:

Margaret Powell – “Self Portrait” – Veritas Preparatory Academy