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FAA Flight Paths

The City of Phoenix Aviation Department announced in 2023 their new interactive map that tracks the noise levels around Sky Harbor and other airports in the Phoenix Metro area and an updated complaint system. This is a welcome addition for residents who have been impacted by noise surrounding airports to have their voices heard and track in real time the times of day when noise is at its highest or lowest.

Back in September 18, 2014 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) unilaterally implemented new departure procedures at Sky Harbor International Airport, without consulting the communities that would be impacted.  As a result, Valley residents who previously had no aviation noise exposure have seen a drastic decline in their quality of life.  These changes have exposed our communities to unacceptable levels of aircraft noise, disrupting homes, businesses, and neighborhoods.  

In response, I worked to pass an amendment that will prevent the FAA from moving forward with plans to redesign the regional airspace while the serious issues resulting from the new flight paths remain unresolved in the Phoenix area. Further, working with the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, we were successful in including language that would require the FAA to reevaluate these flight paths and have community input on the future of Arizona’s airspace.  Please be assured that I will continue to fight for our local community