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2024 House Floor Speeches

Rep. Schweikert: ‘Great Battle’ Schweikert Breaks Down Pending ‘Chaos’ With Next Year’s Tax Reform Fight – June 10, 2024

Rep. Schweikert: ‘Let’s See If I Can Frame This In A Way That I Don’t Sound Like A Jerk…’ – May 29, 2024

Rep. Schweikert: ‘If You Are Under 40—I’m A Baby Boomer—I’m Sorry…’: David Schweikert Delivers Passionate Warning – May 17, 2024

Rep. Schweikert: ‘I’m Sorry, I’m Not Supposed To Curse On The Floor…’: Schweikert Issues Dire Warning About US Debt – May 8, 2024

Rep. Schweikert: ‘This Is Immoral’: David Schweikert Issues Dire Economic Warning To House Colleagues – April 30, 2024

Rep. Schweikert: ‘I Don’t Think We’re Ready For This!’: Schweikert Issues Dire Warning About Major Threat To The West – April 11, 2024

Rep. Schweikert: ‘I’m Tired Of People That Don’t Think’: Schweikert Issues Fiery Warning About Debt And Spending – March 19, 2024

Rep. Schweikert: Reckless Spending in President Biden’s FY25 Budget Would Blow Up Our Debt – March 11, 2024

Rep. Schweikert Warns ‘United States Fertility Rates Have Collapsed’ Which Imperils Social Security – March 9, 2024

Rep. Schweikert: Congress Must Get Serious About Reining in $34 Trillion National Debt – March 6, 2024

Rep. Schweikert: Will Members of Congress Ever Put Batteries in Their Calculators? – February 7th, 2024

Rep. Schweikert: Congress Has Abdicated Responsibility for Restoring Nation’s Fiscal Health – January 31st, 2024

Rep. Schweikert: Record Borrowing Through First Quarter of FY24 Is Simply Unsustainable – January 10th, 2024