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Medicare Open Enrollment

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the 2024 premiums, deductibles and coinsurance amounts for the Medicare Part A and Part B programs, along with the 2024 Medicare Part D income-related monthly adjustment amounts. The Medicare Part A inpatient hospital deductible that someone with Medicare will pay if admitted to the hospital will be $1,632 in 2024, an increase of $32 from 2023. Each year the Medicare Part B premium, deductible, and coinsurance rates are determined according to provisions in the Social Security Act. The standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B enrollees will be $174.70 for 2024, an increase of $9.80 from 2023. The annual deductible for all people with Medicare Part B will be $240 in 2024, an increase of $14 from the annual deductible in 2023.

Hill Notifications

CMS Innovation Center’s One-Year Update on the Executive Order to Lower Prescription Drug Costs for Americans

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Innovation Center released a blog with an update on the development of three models aimed at improving prescription drug affordability and access for people with Medicare and Medicaid. The three models are the Medicare $2 Drug List Model; the Cell and Gene Therapy Access Model; and the Accelerating Clinical Evidence Model. The development updates described in the blog are one of multiple ways the Innovation Center is pursuing to improve the affordability of health care, including by addressing health care prices, increasing access, and reducing out-of-pocket costs.

Removal of Beta Amyloid PET in Dementia and Neurodegenerative Disease National Coverage Determination

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a final decision regarding the existing National Coverage Determination (NCD) for Beta Amyloid Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in Dementia and Neurodegenerative Disease.  The final decision removes the NCD, ending coverage with evidence development for PET beta amyloid imagingand permitting Medicare coverage determinations for PET beta amyloid imaging to be made by the Medicare Administrative Contractor.

CMS Publishes Final Rule for Medicare Secondary Payer and Civil Money Penalties (CMS-6061-F)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a final rule, “Medicare Program; Medicare Secondary Payer and Certain Civil Money Penalties,” that specifies how and when CMS must calculate and impose civil money penalties (CMPs) when group health plan and non-group health plan responsible reporting entities fail to meet their Medicare Secondary Payer reporting obligations by failing to register and report as required by Medicare Secondary Payer reporting requirements. This final rule also establishes CMP amounts and circumstances under which CMPs will and will not be imposed.

Stakeholder Engagement

As a CMS stakeholder and partner, we encourage you to join the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for a 2024 Medicare Open Enrollment Stakeholder Kick-Off Call on Monday October 16,2023. During this call on, CMS will discuss the Inflation Reduction Act (new drug law) as it relates to Medicare, including the Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy (LIS) or “Extra Help” program, which helps many older adults and people with disabilities pay for prescription drugs and prescription drug coverage when they live on a limited income. Additionally, CMS will provide stakeholders with information and resources to help promote the Medicare Open Enrollment Period. Medicare Open Enrollment runs from October 15 to December 7, 2023. RSVP here.

Also, in advance of the 2024 Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment period (November 1 – January 15), you are invited to join in partners webinars to kick-off this year’s enrollment period with multiple dates and times options. RSVP here.

A reminder to join Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, and her leadership team, on October 17, 2023 to learn of recent CMS accomplishments and how cross-cutting initiatives are advancing CMS’ Strategic Plan. CMS serves the public as a trusted partner and steward dedicated to advancing health equity, expanding coverage, and improving health outcomes as we engage the communities we serve throughout the policymaking and implementation process. October 17, 2023 from 1:00PM – 2:00PM Eastern Time. RSVP here.

Information Sharing

Is your Office interested in having CMS at your next health or resource fair, or provide a presentation at your next community meeting? Start by clicking here, and fill in with as much information as possible.

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Medicare Beneficiaries at a Glance Infographic is a resourceful reference tool that presents a visual summary of key metrics for the Medicare population including information on types of coverage, utilization, average cost for specific services, chronic condition prevalence, beneficiary satisfaction and access to care, and usual source of care.  The infographic now includes data for 2021.

The Medicare Monthly Enrollment Public Use File and Medicare Enrollment Dashboard present counts of Medicare beneficiaries with hospital/medical coverage and prescription drug coverage by geographic area and now include enrollee counts for June 2023.

The Medicare Telehealth Trends Data highlights trends in the use of telehealth services between January 1, 2020 and March 31, 2023.  The data allow for analysis of telehealth utilization by quarter, state, and various demographic characteristics.