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Border Security

For nearly a decade Washington bureaucrats have falsely concluded that the border is secure and made excuses for failing to complete the border fence.  In reality, the fence remains unbuilt and the Department of Homeland Security only has operational control of  56 percent of our border.

Budget & the Deficit

You can find a copy of one of my recent floor presentation on the budget here, and my statements on the floor of the house here.


Congress has no greater responsibility than providing for America’s national defense. Whether, it’s the growing asymmetrical threat from radical Islamic terrorist, an emboldened Russia, or a potentially nuclear Iran, America faces dynamic and evolving threats and must have the military capabilities to respond to these threats.  


Education is critical to the success and economic security of future generations. By providing a solid educational foundation from the start, we can ensure that our children have the tools necessary to keep the United States competitive in the global economy. 

Energy & Environment

Arizona has made progress the past few years in establishing more types of affordable, reliable power, building the first renewable portfolio standard in the country, and aggressively pushing for higher energy-efficiency standards.

FAA Flight Paths

On September 18, 2014 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) unilaterally implemented new departure procedures at Sky Harbor International Airport, without consulting the communities that would be impacted.  As a result, Valley residents who previously had no aviation noise exposure have seen a drastic decline in their quality of life.  These changes have exposed our communities to unaccepta

Financial Services

For too long, the elites in Washington have forced a top down bureaucratic regulatory regime onto the backs of American entrepreneurs. This elites-know-best approach has led to a corrupted system that protects favored incumbents and props up easier to control institutions.

Health Care

The Affordable Care Act has confused an already complex and wasteful healthcare system. Americans need more choices and a competitive insurance marketplace, not mandates. We all want a system where people are treated fairly and given the support they need to remain healthy.  We want those who become ill to receive the best care possible and care that is affordable.

Second Amendment

The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. The Second Amendment could not be clearer, yet liberals in Washington continue to attack our right to self-defense.  The Second Amendment ensures that all law abiding citizens have the right to protect and defend themselves and their loved ones.

Tax Reform

Other than at the IRS, no job is ever created by raising taxes.  The current patchwork of temporary policies for individuals, sectors, and areas of business creates uncertainty for Americans and stifles investment by our entrepreneurs and business owners.  We need more efficient and effective programs that invest in a better future, not higher taxes.  Let’s spend what we tax more wisely. 


Expanding access to emerging markets is crucial for creating opportunities for U.S. manufacturers and service providers to sell more American-made goods and services around the world.

Valley Fever

Valley Fever Task Force

In 2013, Congressman David Schweikert and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy teamed up to co-found the Congressional Valley Fever Task Force, bringing much needed awareness to the disease of coccidioidomycosis.  The disease, more commonly known as Valley Fever, is prominent in Maricopa county as well as the rest of Arizona and southern California.


Military Service Members

Thank you to all the men and women who have so honorably served this nation.