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Budget & the Deficit

Government overspending is creating a huge burden of debt that threatens the economic well-being of our children.  Our national debt of more than $17 trillion has saddled us with liabilities equal to $53,000 for every adult and child in America.


Education is critical to the success and economic security of future generations. By providing a solid educational foundation from the start, we can ensure that our children have the tools necessary to keep the United States competitive in the global marketplace. 

Energy & Environment

Arizona has made progress the past few years in establishing more types of affordable, reliable power, building the first renewable portfolio standard in the country, and aggressively pushing for higher energy-efficiency standards.

Health Care

The Affordable Care Act has confused an already complex and wasteful healthcare system. Americans need more choices and a competitive insurance marketplace, not mandates. We all want a system where people are treated fairly and given the support they need to remain healthy.  We want those who become ill to receive the best care possible and care that is affordable.

Tax Reform

Other than at the IRS, no job is ever created by raising taxes.  The current patchwork of temporary policies for individuals, sectors, and areas of business creates uncertainty for Americans and stifles investment by our entrepreneurs and business owners.  We need more efficient and effective programs that invest in a better future, not higher taxes.  Let’s spend what we tax more wisely


Last year, international trade represented $17.9. Billion for Arizona’s economy and supported over 55,000 jobs across our state. With strong statistics backing Arizona—second in growth prospects and entrepreneurial activity in 2010 studies—it’s no surprise companies stake their claim in desert soil. 


Military Service Members

Thank you to all the men and women who have so honorably served this nation.