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August 24, 2022

Congressman Schweikert Issues Statement on Biden’s Student Debt Plan

For Immediate Release: August 24, 2022
Rep. Schweikert Contact: Preston Mizell

WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Schweikert issued the following statement after President Biden’s announcement of his student debt plan.

“It is estimated that this plan will cost taxpayers roughly $400 billion to $600 billion. And the Biden administration expects all Americans, regardless of whether or not they went to college, to pay for it.

“To say that this proposal is ‘not fair’ is an understatement. It is insulting to those who worked multiple jobs during college to pay tuition, to parents who put away portions of their paychecks hoping that their kids may one day attend a university, and to the 87% of Americans with no student loans who are now responsible for paying hundreds of billions to fund this outrageous and legally dubious plan.”


David Schweikert is serving his sixth term in the United States Congress.  He holds a seat on the Ways and Means Committee, and is the current the Ranking Member on the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security.  He also is the Lead House Republican on the bicameral Joint Economic Committee, Co-Chairs the Valley Fever Task force with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and is the Republican Co-Chair of the Blockchain Caucus, the Singapore Caucus and the Caucus on Access to Capital and Credit.

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