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February 27, 2021

Congressman Schweikert Releases Statement Following Vote Against $1.9 Trillion Spending Package

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman David Schweikert (AZ-06) released the following statement after voting against House Democrats’ $1.9 trillion spending bill. 

“In the past year, Congress has approved nearly $4 trillion in relief to support our workers and businesses. While I do believe we have more work to do to ensure our economic recovery is strong, I disagree that spending $1.9 trillion is the appropriate approach. Nearly 90% of the spending in this legislation does not directly address COVID-19, but rather is focused on my Democratic colleagues’ political priorities. This bill does not include any measures in place to reopen schools this year, combat ongoing fraud, or create jobs for the millions of Americans still unemployed. With the yield on a 10-year note rising significantly in this last week, Democrats must be mindful of the depth and impact this spending bill will have. We must be focused on providing targeted relief that reduces fraud and ensures our workers, families, and businesses can return to normal.”


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