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January 20, 2021

Congressman Schweikert Releases Statement Following 59th Inauguration Ceremony

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman David Schweikert released the following statement after the 59th Inaugural Ceremony for the incoming Biden-Harris Administration.  “Congratulations to President Biden and Vice President Harris. I look forward to the 117th Congress getting to work on behalf of the millions of Americans we represent, many still facing extreme hardships due to the last year of unprecedented challenges. The American people sent a stronger Republican minority to Congress, showing they want the House to be focused on solving problems together as a body. We must recognize how we can build upon the success created by the previous Administration, where pro-growth policies have proven to benefit our economy, reducing unemployment, increasing wages, and creating job growth. I look forward to working with my Democratic colleagues in the House, Senate, and Administration to advance policy to secure a strong and prosperous future for all Americans.”                                                                     ###    Back to News