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June 12, 2020

Arizona’s 6th District Receives Record Number of U.S. Service Academy Appointments

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WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman David Schweikert recognized the students from Arizona’s 6th District who received appointments to United States Service Academies. This year, the Sixth District had a record-high of seventeen students receive an appointment to one of the five prestigious institutions.

“I am proud to honor the hardworking students who will be advancing into the U.S. Service Academies this year. Notifying these students of their appointments is one of the highest honors given to me as a Member of Congress. Their drive and ambition will continue to benefit them, and I wish them the best in their continued education. We thank each student for representing Arizona in the United States Military and are excited to see each of them succeed in their future roles serving this country.”

Attending the U.S. Military Academy:

Connor Butt, Notre Dame Preparatory Academy

Erica Esterly, Veritas Scholars Academy

Spencer Roy, Notre Dame Preparatory Academy

Joel Rubin, Saguaro High School

Jack Frus, Desert Mountain High School

Christian Sarlitto, Notre Dame Preparatory Academy

Charles Erlandson, Brophy College Preparatory

Jackson Pophal, Cicero Preparatory Academy

Attending the U.S. Naval Academy:

John Moore, Phoenix Country Day School

Justin Guidera, Brophy College Preparatory

Attending the U.S. Air Force Academy:

Sydney Davis, Chaparral High School

Ellis Delgado, Horizon High School

Alexis Lee, Saguaro High School

Brian Hubbard, Sandra Day O’Connor High School

Madison Felker, Chaparral High School

Joshua Richards, Saguaro High School


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