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February 23, 2018

Congressional Offices Announced as Democracy Award Finalists to Help Establish Trust in Congress

To try to “restore a little faith” in Congress, the Congressional Management Foundation on Friday announced the finalists for its first Democracy Awards.

The organization chose its finalists for their focus on constituent services, their workplace environment, innovation, and transparency.

“The public often doesn’t get a complete picture of how Congress operates. CMF created these awards to highlight examples of Members and staff performing at outstanding levels, and perhaps restore a little faith in the institution of Congress,” said Bradford Fitch, the foundation’s president.

The Congressional Management Foundation is a nonpartisan nonprofit established in 1977 to help build trust and effectiveness in Congress.

Offices nominated themselves through an online questionnaire, and the foundation assessed each office before selecting the finalists. A committee made up mainly of former members of Congress and congressional staffers will select the winners.

A Democrat and a Republican in each category will be selected as winners, which will be announced in mid-May.

Constituent Service

Offices with outstanding practices or achievements acting as ombudsmen with the federal government or responding to constituent requests and inquiries.

“Life in Congress” Workplace Environment

Offices that have established both formal policies and informal cultures that enhance the work-life fit and professional development of their staffs.


Offices employing unique or innovative technology-enabled methods in their constituent interactions, communications or office operations.

Transparency and Accountability

Offices that provide clear and relevant information on their work and performance, and publicly acknowledge metrics for that performance.

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