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March 18, 2014

Schweikert to Host Valley Fever Open House


My Arizona team and I are hosting a Valley Fever Open House next month and would like you to participate. 

We have invited local health organizations to talk about their work in Valley Fever research and speakers from local healthcare providers to share their experiences and updates on advancements in Valley Fever research and advocacy. 

Keynote speakers include:

Valley Fever in Arizona: Now and in the future
Dr. John N Galgiani, Director of the Valley Fever Center in Phoenix
The Valley Fever Center in Phoenix is a partnership between the University of Arizona College of Medicine and St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Technology and Diagnostics
Mr. Todd Snowden, Business Development Director of DxNA LLC 
Flagstaff-based DxNA is developing a diagnostic test that is performed on an extracted respiratory specimen and analyzed for Cocci Fungus DNA. They are currently in the final stages of FDA clearance preparation.

The Treatment of Valley Fever
Dr. Janis E. Blair, Division of Infectious Diseases at Mayo Clinic. 
The Mayo Clinic’s Division of Infectious Disease conducts clinical studies to characterize and optimize diagnosis and treatment of coccidioidomycosis in healthy and immunocompromised persons. 

Other guests include: 

Dr. Peter Kelly, Infectious Disease Specialist, Bureau of Public Health Emergency Preparedness at the Arizona Department of Health Services
The Bureau of Public Health Emergency Preparedness provides a backdrop for the Department’s response efforts for various infectious diseases affecting Arizonans.  

Following the keynote speakers, guests are free to mingle with healthcare professionals.

This will be an informal opportunity for Arizonans who have been affected by Valley Fever or are passionate about the disease and treatment options, to meet others involved in raising awareness.  Coffee and donuts will be served.

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