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November 13, 2013

Affordable Care Act Not So Affordable

by Gary Harper |

PHOENIX — When Lee Leons received a letter recently from his insurance company notifying him that his insurance coverage was being dropped altogether, he couldn’t believe it.

"Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York will be exiting the individual major medical insurance market in Arizona," read a letter from the company.

That’s right. The letter basically states that President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act isn’t so affordable for Standard Security, so the company is opting out and dropping Lee.

"This is frustrating," Leons said. "It’s challenging. It makes you really question, what’s really going on?"

With no coverage, Leons said he had no other choice than to find out what was going on with Obamacare. But when he did, he couldn’t believe what he was told.

"He says, So, your rate right now is $268.  If you do the Obamacare, it would go to $563 for the same type of coverage you have now," Leons said. 

You heard right. It would cost Leons twice as much for the exact same coverage leaving Leons confused and asking, if it’s called the Affordable Care Act, why isn’t it affordable?

"To get the wheels in motion, to make it affordable," Leon said.  "But for me and my lifestyle, double and more than doubling what my costs are; it’s absurd. That’s insane."

Leons is one of the first consumers complaining to 3 On Your Side, but he knows he’s not the only one in the same boat.

"I think instead of passing the law that says we’re going to shove this down your throat," Leons said.  "And you’re going to abide by the corporation and we’re going to provide for you and it’s mandatory.  And if they’re going to do that now, what’s it going do in a decade from now?"

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