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April 05, 2013


Washington, D.C. – Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ), Chairman of the Small Business Subcommittee on Investigations, Oversight and Regulations, made the following statement on the one year anniversary of the president signing the ‘JOBS’ Act into law. This package included two bills authored by Rep. Schweikert, the most of any Member:

“A year ago today, the ‘JOBS’ Act opened new doors to capital formation and job creation for small businesses.
“The American people deserve a government that upholds the principles of economic freedom and doesn’t stand in the way of free enterprise and capital formation.

“However, Congress, as well as the business community, are still awaiting ‘JOBS’ Act ground rules from the SEC that are long past due.

“Next Thursday, I will be chairing a Small Business Oversight Subcommittee hearing where we will discuss with the SEC and the small business community better ways to provide the ideas contained in the ‘JOBS’ Act out to job creators.

“I look forward to working with them to get capital starved small businesses off the sidelines.”


NOTE: For more information about Rep. Schweikert’s Small Business Committee hearing next week on ‘JOBS’ Act rule promulgation and implementation, click here.

BACKGROUND: Click here for further information about Rep. Schweikert’s bills H.R. 1070, the Small Company Capital Formation and H.R. 2167, the Private Company Flexibility and Growth Act included in the ‘JOBS’ Act.

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